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About the SW24 Citywide Safety Initiative in 2015


SW24 Citywide Safety Initiative is a cooperative public/private sector SW24 Video Surveillance Program helping save lives and property and eliminate crime in our communities.


(SW24 customers and non-customers)
You don’t have to be a customer in order to join the SW24 Citywide Safety Initiative program.

Reasons for joining:

  • Help reduce crime in your neighborhood
  • Increase safety awareness in your neighborhood
  • Provide inside view for first responders
  • Your customers and prospects expect it
    • They want to do business with companies that participate in the program
    • They know which companies will have cameras in the program
    • They want to feel safer
  • Time Savings
    • Crimes don’t have to occur on your property
    • If something happens nearby—the authorities can access the videos directly from your cameras—no need for your involvement
    • If fire breaks out, first responders can access the videos directly from your cameras to help save lives
  • Participation helps maintain good relations with and shows support for the efforts of local authorities
  • Gives you a leg up on your competition
  • Good corporate citizenship

For non-SW24 customers: For a small equipment purchase fee, you can join the initiative and feed your videos directly to the authorities!